Behind the scenes Video

As a filmmaker and photographer, I'm always on the lookout for new and creative ways to capture visually stunning content. Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot a music video in the iconic Trafalgar Square and its surrounding area in London. With a talented group of dancers, cutting-edge gear including Nanlite Pavotube lights and a Insta 360 One X camera, and a vision for a dynamic and electrifying video, I was ready for an unforgettable creative adventure.

One of the highlights of this shoot was the opportunity to work with Nanlite Pavotube lights, which are versatile LED tubes that offer a wide range of creative lighting possibilities. We used the Pavotube lights to enhance the visuals of the music video, experimenting with different colors, intensities, and placements to create dramatic and dynamic lighting effects. used them to outline the dancers, create glowing halos, and add a futuristic vibe to the video. The flexibility and portability of the Pavotube lights allowed us to experiment freely and achieve unique and eye-catching lighting setups.

The dancers we collaborated with were incredibly talented and brought a high level of energy and creativity to the shoot. Their skillful movements and expressive choreography added depth and emotion to the music video. We worked closely with them to ensure that their dance routine was visually appealing and complemented the vibe of the music. Their professionalism and dedication to their craft were evident throughout the shoot, and their performances were awe-inspiring.

Shooting a music video in Trafalgar Square and its surrounding area with talented dancers and innovative gear was an exhilarating experience. The Nanlite Pavotube lights and 360 camera allowed us to experiment with creative lighting techniques and unique perspectives, pushing the boundaries of our creativity.

Nanlite Pavotubes -

Insta 360 One X -

Other gear used:

Canon R5

Canon 16-35mm F4L IS

Canon 85mm F1.2L

Canon 24mm F1.4L