Gimbal Is a must as a videographer

As a videographer, I am always on the lookout for innovative tools that can elevate my footage to new heights. One such tool that has become a must-have in my kit is the DJI RS3 Gimbal. In this blog post, I want to share my experience of using the DJI RS3 Gimbal to shoot a quick car video at a myenergi stand at a homeshow event and how it has become an essential tool for my videography work.

Behind the scenes

Why Use a Gimbal for Car Videos?

Some videos require smooth and stable footage for stylistic reason and to create a cinematic look. Traditional handheld shooting can result in shaky footage, making the video less enjoyable to watch. That's where a gimbal comes in handy. A gimbal is a motorised stabiliser that uses advanced technology to keep the camera steady while you move, allowing for smooth and professional-looking footage. With a gimbal, you can capture smooth tracking shots, pans, and dynamic movements that add a cinematic flair to your car videos.

My Experience with DJI RS3.

At a recent homeshow event, I had the opportunity to shoot a car video at the Myenergi stand, showcasing their electric vehicle chargers. I decided to use the DJI RS3 Gimbal to capture smooth and dynamic shots of the cars and the chargers in action. Here are some key highlights of my experience with the DJI RS3 Gimbal:

Easy Setup: The DJI RS3 Gimbal was quick and easy to set up, allowing me to start shooting within minutes. The gimbal came with a user-friendly control panel and intuitive settings, making it easy to configure according to my shooting requirements.

Smooth and Stable Footage: The advanced stabilisation technology of the DJI RS3 Gimbal provided incredibly smooth and stable footage, even when I was walking or moving around to capture different angles. The 3-axis motorised gimbal and high torque motors kept the camera steady, eliminating unwanted camera shakes and jitters from my footage.

Versatility: The DJI RS3 Gimbal's high payload capacity and multiple shooting modes allowed me to experiment with various camera setups and shooting styles. I could easily switch between pan follow, lock mode, and follow mode, depending on the type of shot I wanted to capture. This versatility gave me creative freedom to explore different angles and movements in my car video.


The DJI RS3 Gimbal has become an essential tool in my videography work, and it proved to be invaluable in capturing smooth and cinematic car videos at the homeshow event. Its easy setup, smooth and stable footage, versatility, wireless connectivity, durability, and reliability make it a must-have for any videographer, especially for capturing dynamic shots of cars or any other moving subjects. If you're new to videography and want to elevate your footage to a professional level, a gimbal like the DJI RS3 is a game-changer. Give it a try, and you won't regret it!

DJI RS3 Pro -

Other Gear I used:

Canon R5

Canon 24mm f1.4

Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro

Nanlite Pavotube

Editing Software:

Final Cut Pro X